Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why Retrotechnocracy

It has come to my attention that there are users out there who are still using dial-up internet access, if not horse-and-buggy transportation. Some of them would like to access blogs that do not require a day and a half, or three hundred sixty-three hours to download.

I have been blogging nearly two years now under the title "String Too Short to Tie". It has expanded from spur-of-the-moment notions as they pop into my head to just such notions accompanied by photos, graphs and whatnot, just the stuff that slows down your downloads. I propose in this site to offer pure text, well text, anyway, without pictures, graphs and gobbledegook. Okay, the ideas may be gobbledegook, but you get the picture. Or rather, you don't get the pictures.

Many of these posts will be lifted directly from past issues of STSTT, but without the impediments to your swift download. It will be a potpourri gleaned from many bands on the spectrum of human experience, but political commentary will be kept to a minimum. If politics and vituperation are your bag, may I suggest that there are plenty, nay, too many, sites in the blogosphere where you may satisfy your yearning for such commentary.


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